Meet Monique

At 14 years old, Monique Vobecky, Founder & President of Little Sunshine Foundation, demonstrates excellence in many aspects of her life. At her High School she excelled in academics where she maintains a 4.7 GPA. She fell in love with the arts and therefore joined the school’s orchestra where she plays the violin.


In addition to Monique’s love for education and the arts, she was drawn to sports and other extracurricular activities. She earned athletic honors for her participation on her High School's volleyball team as well as being awarded the 2017-18 “Defensive player of the year” in soccer. as well as being promoted to team Captain in 2019. Monique continues her passion for soccer as a member of the Foothill Storm soccer club team.


Monique plans to attend a prominent university in 2021 where her goal is to major in medicine to become a doctor. While volunteering at a local church and paying attention to her surroundings, Monique realized that not all the kids in her community have the same opportunities; thus, she was moved to create the Little Sunshine Foundation in 2018. The foundation was created to provide underprivileged children in her community as well as in other under-served communities with academic support and access to sporting programs.

President and Founder

Monique Vobecky

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